How To Write A Leadership Essay?


Leadership plays a vital role in establishing a complex society. There are industries, private organizations, special branches, specializations, and various other departments which require individuals with leading skills.

Competence is important, the ones with opinion and all those who are pioneers with innovative ideas are always required by society and as well as by the departments associated with human interests. This makes the Leadership necessary, which evolves at different stages, especially in the activities where a number of humans are involved.

Good Leadership is the power that helps an individual or an organization to move forward. The myth' leaders are born' has been proven incorrect by many influential industrial leaders like Richard Branson, who once suffered from dyslexia. Leadership can be learned through learning, and this has nothing to do with the education, anyone can become a leader.

Leadership is not limited to the leader; it is defined to the masses through writings and exemplary attitude. What does leadership mean to you essays describing the leadership skills and the art of it are commonly seen, written, by great leaders and influencers.

The lawyer, a writer of the best-selling novel and a famous speaker Robin S Sharma, stated, "Leadership is not about a title or a designation; it's about the impact, influence, and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire teammates and customers."

The real leaders are the ones who understand each member of their team. The essentials of a leader are good communication, a positive attitude, and getting the work done. Other characteristics include creativity, empathy, ethics, ability to take responsibility, and ability to challenge failures.

In this blog, we will let you know everything you need to know on what leadership does mean, and how to write a leadership essay;

Leadership essays

This makes it very obvious that why do the institutions, worldwide, require students to write a leadership essay. Students are given leadership essays and assignments to make them familiar with the qualities, challenges, and solutions which they need to have to lead their families, home, and organizations they will be working for.

These essays define the role of the students as leaders in their student life and as well as in there, upcoming, practical life. It helps them to establish a view about the challenging environment which the society might offer to them sooner or later. This Essay will let them know about their responsibility and its fulfillment.

Leadership essays can be defined as a written work that assists in focusing on the various problems and challenges faced by leaders, which include overcoming skepticism, ensuring evaluation of co-workers, efficiency and motivating the people around. With this, it may help one in providing potential solutions to the challenges or problems one might face, and also helps in developing certain skills to overcome them.  

The leadership essays are considered the same as writing a profile essay. It is easy to understand what a leadership essay is then to understand Leadership itself. The knowledge related to leadership essays is directly derived from the leadership role of the individual.  

The leadership essay and assignments can never be undermined due to their immense importance in developing the mindset of the future leader; it helps him/her to understand the values and further prepares them for the challenges of practical life. Valuable knowledge is transferred from more experienced and knowledgeable leaders.

Leadership essays
Write A Leadership Essay

Steps Involved

Writing a leadership essay involves a lot of hard work and techniques and can be observed in leadership essay examples. These techniques are specifically categorized in the following steps:

1. Choosing a potential topic

One should focus on choosing an appealing topic for his/her leadership essay. You can take help from your leadership experiences, either it is good or bad. Try to derive a topic from the challenges you have had or the achievements you got. The other way is to evaluating other cases that can be from some famous leaders.

2. Research & Analysis

It is necessary for the author to conduct thorough research regarding the topic. It depends on you if you want to dig deep enough, and it also depends upon the information available. You need to be confident about your topic, once you then just start collecting the evidence.

3. Thesis statement

A thesis statement helps in explaining your purpose in writing the Essay. It summarizes your paper in such a way that it covers all the major grounds included in the topic.  

4. The outline

The outline gives the structure to your Essay. It ensures that the logic prevails in the deepest of the links which hold the structure of the Essay together. This ultimately helps in organizing the paragraphs and the sections of your Essay. The word count is also kept in check with the help of the outline.

5. First draft

The first draft for any piece of writing holds more importance than the final draft. You need to let the ideas or arguments to flow as you write and shouldn't worry about anything else, the editing can be done later. Always include supportive material like references and sources, which make your argument stronger.  

6. Edit, revise & proofread

Never forget to proofread your essay once you are done. There are always some mistakes that need to be corrected, and there is always room for some editing.  

The topic for Leadership Essay

Choosing a topic is the very first and significant step while writing a leadership essay. This part helps in guiding the author in the writing process of an essay. One needs to reflect on the personal leadership style to identify a proper theme and to start an essay appropriately. Various styles are used in such a type of essays which include: autocratic, democratic, strategic, transformational, team leadership style, and others.

It is very helpful to analyze a recognized leader as well as to identify the individual style of interaction; these are diverse types of approaches used in the leadership essays for college and for other types as well. An appealing topic could be derived by comparing and contrasting your style with a famous person.  

The subject should always align with the highlighted goals, and it should put light on the strengths of the writer. Try to finalize your topic by analyzing the information over the internet or books. Thorough research should conduct on various leadership qualities and the different characteristics of an active leader.

The topic for Leadership Essay
Write A Leadership Essay

Leadership Essay Introduction

The most important part of the Essay is its introduction, as it helps in building the base of your Essay. The leadership essay introduction determines the expectations of the readers regarding the rest of the paragraphs present in the Essay.

This makes it essential to make the introduction appealing, persuasive, and filled with information as this hooks up the reader to your Essay and will develop the interest of him/her. The following points can help you understand the key concepts regarding the leadership essay introduction:

  • Attention grabber

The very first two sentences of the Essay should reflect the writing style and quality of the Essay. One should set a target of grabbing the attention of the audience.

  • Personalized text

Writing about someone else's experience might make it boring for the reader. Try to connect the text of the Essay with your experiences, share your ups and downs as the reader will always be attracted to the story of the author than of somebody else.  

  • Story citing

Try to explain the events in the form of a story with a proper background and a designed setting. By doing this, one can always keep the reader intact, and it enhances the interest of the reader. Connect the paragraphs of your Essay with the background which you have established.

These steps will help in making the process of writing convenient for the writer. But remember that the introduction is just the first step in creating an outstanding leadership essay.

Thesis Statement for Leadership Essay

The goal of the thesis statement is to provide a short analysis of the critical argument. It can vary on the basis of the choice of the leadership essay structure and topic. The below-mentioned points reflect the sample thesis statement, which can help in writing one for your Essay;

  • Leadership is a lifelong learning process that helps the specific point of view of the surrounding world, social interaction, and individual growth.
  • Transformational Leadership specifies that how effective a leader is by boosting up the interaction, adaptability, and negotiation with its adherers.

You should try not to write thesis statements that are incomplete and don't make sense. Few examples are stated as follows:

  • Leadership is necessary
  • Leadership is an important skill
  • Leadership has advantages

Body Paragraphs

The number of body paragraphs in a leadership essay depending on the topic of your choice and the aim of writing the Essay. The most common type comprises of three body paragraphs. The purpose of each paragraph is to describe a supporting theory to the main theme of the Essay.

For example, when describing the implementation of leadership theory to individualistic experiences, each of the paragraphs can give an overview of the key points regarding the practice of the approach in real life. And it is also important to put in the research idea with some references and details.


The last part of the Essay is its conclusion. The job of the conclusion is to give an overview of every argument discussed in the Essay. The significance of the closing lines is summarizing the whole Essay with all the arguments. Refrain from introducing new ideas at the conclusion and always keep the first sentence as the resentment of the thesis.

You have the liberty to choose the arguments and then provide a summarized analysis of their value to the theme of the Essay. The conclusion determines the overview of the leadership style, theory, and approach, which has been discussed in the Essay. References are not required to be included in the conclusion.

A logical essay writing

The leadership essay is based on organizing your ideas into a single paper. Your Essay needs to have a logical flow for which a stable composition is necessary as it will help in distinguishing the views of each body paragraph. With this, it is important to maintain the word count for each section.

There should not be three sentences in one place, while the next part has another 12 lines. The Essay should be organized according to the thesis statement. It means that the claims stated in the thesis statement should be explained deeply in the Essay. The conclusions help in finalizing the work logically, and don't forget to mention all the arguments which have been discussed in the previous essay parts.

A logical essay writing
Write A Leadership Essay

Post Writing Tips

The post-writing stage is as important as the writing stage. From proofreading to getting the feedback, each step holds its significance. The following tips are useful in finalizing your Essay:

  • Reading

After writing the whole text, it is necessary to go through it for once, at least. There are always a few mistakes left that need to be corrected. Re-reading the final text helps you make the ideas clear, and one can check the flow of the Essay.  

Try not to use any complex terms, and if you have to use compound terms and ideas, always specify them.

  • Questions

You need to ask yourself questions about the central idea and the thesis statement of your paper. For example, does it specify the central idea and thesis statement? Or is it easy to understand by the reader? Do the body paragraphs reflect the idea mentioned in the thesis statement?  

By asking these questions, one can assess the efficiency of the Essay. Your aim is to make sure that the text doesn't lead to questions, and everything is clear to the reader.

  • Feedback

It is always better to get your Essay checked by one of your tutor or a colleague. It is good to take someone's review and comments over your paper. Never be afraid of criticism; take it positively because it helps in improving your writing.

So finally, after following these steps, you can control the quality of your Essay. A leadership essay is a detailed piece of writing; attention is required on each and every specificity to make it balanced and perfect.

One should never hesitate to make multiple drafts before creating a final one. Every argument, idea, and concept requires careful consideration when writing a leadership essay.

Editing and Proofreading

Once the content of the Essay has been finalized, it is necessary to proofread the paper. It is the final stage of the writing process. Editing is the first part of this process as one finalizes the content, checks logical flow, and the relevance of references and ideas.

It helps in implying a second look over the written material and analyzing the paper's strengths and weaknesses. One can take help from friends and family members for feedback about the text. The proofreading stage involves checking the grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other minor errors and mistakes.  

The quality of the Essay is just not dependent on the content, but it also includes the flow of sentences, the transition between paragraphs, proper grammar, and punctuation. The text should be simple with a good flow that is easy to read and understand. While proofreading a leadership essay for college and as well as for other institutes, it is important to check the spelling of the leaders and their names with dates and facts.


Mostly research sources are books, textbooks, videos, websites, and journal articles. It is important to cite the source used for information in leadership essays for college at the end of the paper. The references include all the relevant information related to the sources.  

For example, it has the author's name, date of publication, name of the publisher, link of the website, and other relevant data. Several formats are used for the references, which include: APA, MLA, Chicago, or Harvard.  

APA format is commonly used for leadership essay. It has the following sequence;

  • Author's name (Date). Title of the book/article. Location; Name of Publisher

The citation requires more information that is available and has relevance to the source. For example, when putting references for a website, one needs to add relevant information about the selected link. The basic goal is to provide complete information regarding the sources. For further guidance, don't forget to look for some leadership essay examples.

Characteristics of Good Leader

Good leadership essays for college focus on specific characteristics that are attributed to inspirational leaders. These essays focus on shedding light and analyzing the important personal qualities of these influential individuals, and this can be seen in leadership essay examples. Among these characteristics/qualities are:

1. Self-confidence

Self-confidence plays a significant role while facing major challenges or failures. It helps in applying the vision of the leader.  

2. Competence

Self-confidence is only effective when combined with competence. Leaders are well aware of the Dunning-Kruger effect, which states the relationship between competence and confidence. The art of putting confidence into the right use is competence in reality. It also poses a great risk when used without knowledge.  

3. Empathy

Emotional intelligence plays a key role in making or breaking a leader. It holds importance in western society. Understanding or empathy helps in building a good relationship between the leader and his/her subordinates who might be facing a difficult situation. This can help the leader in earning the loyalty, trust, and devotion of the subordinates for the leader.

4. Charisma & charm  

The people are not just influenced by the vision but also by the personality. The charisma and charm of a leader hold significance when it comes to inspiring the masses. The actions, the gestures, and the manners of a leader are key factors which the individuals copy.  

5. Motivation  

Motivation helps one to go through problems and in achieving possible. It gives strength to the leader and makes him/her do the impossible.

6. Visionary  

A visionary leader always foresees the challenges. This is the quality that assists in anticipating the hardships and future. Effective leaders are always visionary  

7. Justice & impartiality  

A leader needs to be fair in his dealings. Justice should prevail in every sense. A leader who punishes for bad behavior and rewards for a good one is always exemplary. Organizations can only be run by justice and impartiality.

8. Dedication  

Leaders always set examples by sacrificing time, money, and many other things for the sake of vision and achieving goals. This shows the dedication of the leader, which inspires the subordinates or the followers of that leader.

9. Responsibility

One must know that leaders do not break promises; they do not turn their backs on the problems; they are always present in the darkest hours. Leaders are always responsible and take responsibility for their actions.


What seems like a hectic and difficult task is just a game of a few tips and tricks, and some effective techniques. We here at Essaydays always focus on giving you the right idea and concept, which leads to the perfect leadership essay.

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