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General Questions

On this page you will find answers to your questions about our work and services.

EssayDays is a platform that provides academic services. We have a team of professional writers in different disciplines and are here to assist students in completing their assignments.

Students trust EssayDays because of the quality services we offer along with the following advantages:
  • Qualified Writers: We have Masters and a minimum of Ph.D. Degree holders in our team.
  • Zero Plagiarism: We do not tolerate plagiarism.
  • Anonymity: We don’t share information of students with anyone, not even the writers
  • Never Feel Disconnected: Stay in contact with our support team and the writer all the time.

EssayDays is hundred percent legal, we help students in the hour of need and assist them in completing their academic assignments. Our writers add experience to these files so students can enhance their skills.

EssayDays has been helping its users in various academic disciplines. Our experts are here to take care of the projects of students who cannot complete their work due to stress or other causes. Users only need to create an account or click on the order button to request the services of experts. It is essential to provide a correct contact number and e-mail address to sign-up for a new account. When you are placing an order, make sure you have filled the form with your requirements and instructions accurately so writers can work on your assignments conveniently.

No, when you sign-up and submit a request for writing service, our experts give every assignment a new beginning and keep the content fresh and free from omissions. Right after you pay the fee associated with your order, we begin searching for the most suitable writer related to your subject who can complete your task with preciseness.

No, our whole team consists of writers who have a minimum of five years’ experience in their area of subjects. They always create content that is one of its kind because they are well aware of the problems a student can face. All our writers require from you is proper instructions on how you want to structurize the paper, and they will take care of the rest.

Order & Delivery

Get answers to your questions regarding the delivery of your orders and the procedure we put to use for assigning a writer.

Our writers are doing their best to deliver the paper in due time. They also have to maintain the quality, which is why it can take some extra time if the documents are lengthy or require extra research work. Papers that do not require too many words or investigation can even be completed in a minimum of 12 hours.

When our Quality Assurance team checks the paper and makes sure all the instructions were accurately followed, they generate a link to download the file, which is e-mailed on the client's mailing address. Also, the user can download the data from the website portal of

There can sometimes be cases in which our writer may require some extra time to complete your order. It can take a few extra hours or day depending on the excessiveness of words or research work, so please relax, your project will be delivered soon.

Yes, in case the information you added in the order section is not correct or contains misleading material. Also, you can upload files in the comment section of the dashboard to provide extra information on the topic. You can also add more instructions if required, but the writer will only write the number of words specified in the request and format the paper accordingly to meet your needs.

Writer's Information

In this section, you will learn about how our team works and what do we do maintain the quality of your paper.

Ph.D. and Masters’ Degree holder will work on your assignments. We hire writers from around the world and check their writing style by assigning them some sample tasks. Also, they have to pass a test in order to work with us. We hire people who are qualified enough to write on any type of task, but we still make sure they get projects relevant to their field of study to avoid any misapprehension.

Yes, it is beneficial to stay in contact directly for both sides. If you want to assist the writer in carrying out the task or the writer needs more information on the topic, you both can converse in the comments section of the portal.

Yes, you can share information in the comment’s region located in the dashboard of the website portal. You can help the writer follow a specific writing style or formation by providing samples, and you can also supply him with citation sites to get the task completed efficiently.

No, but we make sure the writer we assign meets your requirements and is capable of writing anything regarding your selected subject.

Quality & Satisfaction

Worried about the quality of the paper? Read the below-given FAQs to find what you can do, if you don’t like the written text.

Yes, our writers will give your tasks their utmost attention. They want to deliver a masterpiece and do not want a student to feel nervous while submitting the paper to his/her instructor. Also, when the writer completes your task, it is checked by the quality assurance team who is responsible for fixing grammatical or syntax errors and making sure if the instructions were precisely followed. We also do not tolerate plagiarism; our writers work on the whole paper again if there is even a slight percentage of duplication found in the quality checking phase.

Yes, but we do not give any guarantee of getting a better grade. The paper we deliver is always in perfect shape and doesn’t contain any type of errors.

If the final version of the project doesn’t follow your instructions or contains plagiarism, you can submit a request for a refund. Depending on the percentage of errors and plagiarism, we will give you a refund of up to fifty percent. OR you can submit the paper for revision and consume one of your three free

All of your papers are written by professional and experienced writers who know what structure to follow while working on your task. Our QA makes sure there is no plagiarism or duplication in the content, so don’t worry, your work is in reliable hands. Also, if you think some plagiarism is part of the material, then you can provide us with a Turnitin report, all other statements will be rejected.

Yes, without a doubt, a hundred percent legal and legit website. We are a team of professional tutors that provide professional assistance and guidance, plus expert notes to bridge institutional deficiencies. We never indulge in any illegal or unethical activity, no matter what.

Pricing & Payment

This section will answer all your queries about the procedure we use to calculate the fee

Several factors are involved, but the primary ones are the number of words, estimated delivery date, and the nature of the task. If you think the price is too high for you, you can always decrease the number of words and increase the deadline for us.

We give several means of uploading the payment to your account, which include MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card, and PayPal. Select the one that is most comfortable for you!

No, it is imperative to upload the entire amount mentioned in the order section.

No, all our services are paid, the reason we hire the most skilled writers from all over the world and pay them for the quality they produce. They give us their valuable time and complete assignments, which is not an easy task for any student.

You can submit a refund request to our support in the following cases:
a) The writer failed to follow your instructions.
b) The delivered paper contains plagiarism (Turnitin report is required).
c) Or it contains errors that cannot be fixed. (Like the text contains misleading content)

Yes, as our page is protected by a secure socket layer (SSL), there is no way to get to your information. All the data you enter is sent to the bank in encrypted form, and none of your details are stored on our servers.

Account Security

Have Questions about the security of your account? Find answers on this page!vHave Questions about the security of your account? Find answers on this page!

Only you and a few members of our team, we care for your confidentiality and, therefore, do not share your personal details with third-party websites or even the writer working on your assignment. You can share information in the comment section, but we will not be responsible for the outcomes of giving that information to the writers.

No, they will never find out about us because the data we provide you with is uniquely written, and there is almost zero percent chance of plagiarism. Additionally, if you feel unsafe, after getting your assignment, you can request to remove the account as well.

No, the users of our site do not have access to any personal information of clients, not even the writers.

In order to remove the account, you will have to submit a request to our support team. Add a reason in the section why you are leaving the site as well. Your answer means a lot to us, we need to know if our representatives didn’t meet your terms or you had a bad experience. If you erase your account from our servers, you won’t be able to reclaim the rewards or have access to our loyalty program.

Head to the log in area and click the text that says “Forgot My Password.” Provide the e-mail address that is associated with the account, and you will receive a password renewal link in your mail.
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