Every Information On How To Write A Dissertation Discussion?

A dissertation needs to have a discussion chapter to make it complete, and dissertation discussion is one of the crucial most parts of a dissertation. In this section of your dissertation, you write about the results of your findings, which are obviously of great importance for you as a writer. In your discussion section, you can make or break your dissertation’s impact. This section will take the time to let you evaluate the results you have obtained from your experiments and research. In your discussion section, you can let your reader know where your research is going. There has to be a lot of data (credible) in your dissertation to make it feel more authentic to your audience. This section will tell your readers as well as your supervisor that how meticulously you have done the research.

How can we define a discussion of a dissertation?

In this chapter of your dissertation, you will communicate with your audience. You can communicate with your readers on a personal basis to invite them to study and learn what you have learned during your dissertation and research. When you are writing a discussion for your dissertation, you need to write what went according to your expectations and where you got surprised. This section can be very decisive because here, you compare your results with the results of your literature to analyze whether your results are significant or not. If you have managed to generate significant results, it will be a huge plus for your dissertation.

Here, we need to let you know that the structure of your dissertation discussion depends greatly on your institution. There are some institutes which bound their students to write discussions and results as separate chapters. On the other hand, some institutes want their students to combine results and discussion sections to make it more appealing and engaging. You need to follow a format that is acceptable in your institute because the success of your dissertation is dependent on the rules of your institute.  

What has to be the size of a dissertation discussion?

As a matter of fact, there are no certain rules available for the precise length of a discussion. You need to talk to your supervisor or to the individual in charge of your institute, and he/she will let you know the suitable size of your dissertation discussion according to the requirements of your university.

As a general rule, this section has to be the most expansive one. As we have explained earlier, this is the make or break point of your dissertation. In your discussion, you are not only required to state your results and outcomes, but you are supposed to provide the analysis of your research. The rationale behind your research and study must be there in your discussion section.

Write A Dissertation Discussion
Write A Dissertation Discussion

Structure of a dissertation discussion

When you start writing a discussion for your dissertation, you need to understand the significance and worth of this chapter. (If your institute wants you to write results and discussion together, make that happen, and if they want you to write both of them separately, you are obliged to do so). Here, we will let you know how you can structure the discussion of your dissertation in the best possible way. Read the below-mentioned points in detail to know all the nitty-gritty regarding the structure of a dissertation’s discussion.

  • At first, you need to summarize the essential findings of your research. Make sure to write the results which came according to your expectations. There are some phrases that can be sued to start your discussion section. For example, you can start your discussion section by saying, “Our results show,” or you can write, “Our findings suggest,” etc. That’s how you should start your discussion in order to make it look more compact.
  • After a successful summarization, make sure to explain the importance of your research. Consider your audience entirely unfamiliar with your topic and try to explain them as perfectly as you could. When you are writing a discussion for your dissertation, make sure to remain focused and to the point. If there are some points in your dissertation discussion that need an explanation, make sure to explain them.
  • Compare your results with the results of some previous studies and literature. By comparison, you can increase the relevance and seriousness of your research. When you are writing a paragraph about the comparison of your research, make sure to use phrases like “Let us compare” or “The juxtaposed approaches,” etc. The use of these phrases will increase the overall impact of your discussion.
  • When you are done with the comparison, you need to present the pertinence of your discoveries and research. You are the best individual who can explain your dissertation as well as your discoveries, which is why this will offer a new perspective for your findings.
  • Here comes one of the imperative most steps. If there are some limitations that you have found during your research, make sure to state those limitations. Most of the students don’t do that due to which their discussion section doesn’t get much appreciation. When you are doing research on any topic, it will have some limitations that need to be stated. Never ignore this step.
  • On the basis of your achievements, offer a trajectory for future studies. If you think your research and the results you have obtained are good enough to bring a positive change in this world, you must go for that. To do so, you need to educate your readers on how vital this topic and research are.

How to start a dissertation discussion?

One of the urgent most things which are needed to start writing a discussion for a dissertation is scholarly confidence. To start writing a discussion for your dissertation, you have to think out of the box, and you need to be creative enough regarding your research. If you are hesitant and you don’t know where to start writing your discussion, we have lots of methods for you. Here, we will explain some of the effective, most ways to start writing a discussion for your dissertation. There is a common way by which you can manage your entire dissertation, and it is known as IMRAD (Introduction, methodology, results and discussion), but keep one thing in mind that this method isn’t going to help you always in writing your discussion (depending on the requirements of your institute).  

Here are some of the techniques that you can use to initiate your dissertation discussion:

Compare and contrast

This is a methodology that is best for writing your discussion. When you are done with the research, and you have results in your hand, make sure to compare and contrast those results. It is suggested to make a list of what are the results that are similar to the literature and what are the results which are different from the literature. This is a simple and convenient way to start writing your discussion. Make sure to use compare and contrast words and phrases when you are using this method.  

Your Researching and Writing Machine

This is a creative method, and you have to think out of the box to adapt to this method. Consider you are not the man behind the research, but a machine has done your research. After considering this, you are supposed to explain all the parts of that machine and how the machine has done your research and thesis.  

Use a null hypothesis

This is another effective method to start writing a discussion for your dissertation. In the beginning, think of your findings as nothing. If your hypothesis has been well-tested and offers sound results, for every argument you make against it, you will be able to meet it with a counterpoint that is thrice as strong.

State your limitations

If you think there are some loopholes and limitations in your research, make sure to state those limitations. Your limitations will give a chance to the individual who will work after you to plan the same research in the best possible way. Writing about the limitations of your research won’t make your research weak, but it will clear the overall significance of your research.

State your limitations
Write A Dissertation Discussion

Useful tips for first-time dissertation discussion writers

If you are writing a dissertation discussion for the very first time, there are some tips available that can help you plan your dissertation properly. Here are some of the pieces of advice:

  • If you are writing a discussion for your dissertation, it is suggested to have a look at some of the examples which have been successful in the past. These examples can give you an idea of how to write your discussions.
  • Interpretation and evaluation of the results will also help an individual t write a dissertation in a better way. When you are sure about the interpretation and evaluation of your results, your discussion will be a lot smoother.
  • Make sure to write what went according to the plans and what didn’t go well.

Some of the common mistakes

There are some mistakes that are very common as far as a discussion for a dissertation is concerned. Make sure to avoid those mistakes when you are writing your discussions.

Copying of research summary

In your discussions. You need to summarize the important and critical findings of your work. Most of the students often copy the research summary, which leads to a failure in their discussions. Always summarize your work in your own words because it is your research.  

Deducting loose conclusions

If you conclude something on the basis of your theoretical data and not on the basis of your scientific knowledge, your discussion will present so many loopholes. Make sure to write everything which is scientifically proved.

Providing new pieces of information

When you are writing a discussion for your dissertation, you cannot add any new pieces of information. In your discussion, you only deal with the previously included information in a better way. Make sure to summarize what you have done and what you have concluded, but don’t add new data.  


Plagiarism is something that can harm the overall integrity of your research and thesis. When you try to copy and paste data from someone else’s research who has worked on the same topic, you deal with issues like plagiarism. Never take help from articles or journals when you are writing a discussion for your dissertation.  

Overestimating the scientific importance of your findings

It is right to be confident about your research and about your work, but you must not overestimate the importance of your work. Your discussion section depends entirely on your results, and if your results lack credible data, it will definitely harm your discussions section.

This is a guide that will help you to understand the ways of writing a discussion for a dissertation. Make sure to read this guide before writing your discussion. If you find any difficulty even after reading this guide, you can ask us to write any section or entire dissertation for you, and we’ll make sure to send it back to you on time.

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