EssayDays Honor Code – Declaration on Professional Beliefs

To help students attain their maximum intellectual potential, we encourage and promote an individualized approach to learning. Moreover, our mission is to provide education and individual assistance to the widest range of people, regardless of their class, income, or location.

EssayDays Honor Code

EssayDays carefully adheres to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in the field of academic writing. Thus, we never favor academic dishonesty, wrongness to get better grades, manipulation, cheating, or fraud.

We Strictly Oppose



Where illegal help from outside sources is needed.



Where papers of someone else are tagged as one’s own written work.



Where a person pretends to be another person with the intention of academic gain


EssayDays’s Experts Never Get Involved in Immoral Activities

We are a team of experts who remain loyal to their faith. All of our professionals are fully dedicated to helping students in achieving their educational goals. .

They refrain from being part of any illegal practice that might collide with the academic honesty of a university, college, school, and any other educational institution.



EssayDays neither facilitates nor supports any type of corporate deceitfulness or violation of business policies. In addition, we never help anyone in committing deceitful activities under all circumstances. We are dedicated to remaining loyal to our service, and that’s the reason we have been in the business for several years.

Rest assured, any person found in any sort of illegal activity will instantly be punished and removed from our panel. This is because we cannot tolerate anyone trying to defame our reputable platform.


Open Letter to Students

EssayDays is keen to see you as a successful student, and that’s the reason we are so empathic to your constructive learning and solving potential problems to achieve academic success.

  • We never support the violation of academic integrity under all circumstances. That's why we don't expect you to contact us for unlawful educational gains.
  • Students are not allowed to get involved in any corrupt activities by manipulating the EssayDays platform. We strongly condemn presenting our effort as your own.

Open Letter to Teachers

We are fully aware of the efforts that you are making to supplement equal educational opportunities for all. EssayDays truly appreciates these collective and individual efforts from both teachers and educational institutions. We are a true admirers of academics who strive to keep education transparent, legal, and honest.

We are a team of professors who have served in reputable colleges and universities. Here we would like to ensure that we take strict and prompt action against honor code violations.


Open Letter to Businesses

EssayDays is purely a professional academic writing service that focuses on assisting everyone through subject specialists who have relevant exposure. However, getting such expert assistance is highly condemnable if that violates the policies of the corporate sector.

All businesspersons are forbidden to use our platform if they aim to participate in any illegal or fraudulent activities through our materials.

We condemn mischievous attempts to manipulate official documentation of the corporate sector.


Open Letter to Writers

EssayDays is a well-reputed academic writing platform that operates to help students who struggle with their assignments. Our sole intention is to assist learners and help them become better academic writers. We offer rewarding opportunities for all experts who become part of our team.

EssayDays expect every member to adhere to the below standards:

  • All our team members should stay within set professional standards and should not contradict any institutional policies, regulations, rules, and laws.

All What We Strictly Condemn


Users of the EssayDays Platform

Being a top-rated professional academic writing platform, the following is the list of things that we never take on in any situation. Any of our potential clients should not expect the below tasks from us, no matter what.

  • Copying work performed by someone else and presenting it as own effort.
  • Plagiarizing thoughts, ideas, literary work, interpretations, experiments, and conclusions.
  • Misrepresentation of information or fabrication of data.
  • Getting involved in any sort of illegal activity to attain higher academic grades.
  • Generating false financial reports with assumable data
  • Making fake business documents, including resumes, audits, and other files.
  • Attempt to scam someone by pretending to be another person.

Noticed any activity that goes against the Honor Code?

Please submit it ASAP

Inform Any Violation

We encourage all our current and future clients to report any illegal activity performed by any of our team members. If you notice that we are violating the honor code or academic integrity, make sure to inform us right away. We guarantee to deal with the situation in the best possible way.

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