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EssayDays considers academic integrity as an important element during higher education. It accentuates giving credit to the work of others and genuinely presenting one’s own work.

Definition of Terms: or Company

is a professional writing platform that ensures the highest educational standards by rendering assistance through qualified tutors/professional writers meanwhile strictly adhering to academic integrity.


is an experienced professional from the company who delivers academic writing assistance by giving a sample of the finished task solely for motivation and guidance.

A customer

is someone who visits for the following reasons: to attain expert guidance and assistance from a relevant professional in writing, completing any educational task, or even for encouragement purposes, consults with us samples of pre-solved case studies.

Writing Service

refers to a service delivered by EssayDays by its highly experienced subject specialists upon a customer’s request. The writing service makes sure to take care of the critical factors such as customer instructions, time, word count requirements, etc.

Delivery of writing service

is a process of delivering completed academic writing order to the client after running the completed output through multiple quality checks such as plagiarism checking, assurance to meet client instructions, and proofreading. The final product is delivered to the customer within set deadlines.


is referred to as a sample write-up for your benefit, whether you are writing an assignment, researching a topic for your class, or writing a paper/dissertation. This material will never be submitted to any university, college, academy, or school, nor should it be reproduced for financial gain

Academic Treachery in Our Eyes



Misrepresenting others’ work as your own. This is a falsehood and strictly against the academic standards followed in educational institutions.



Whether you copy someone else’s work or obtain it for personal use with or without asking permission, it is academic fraudulence.



It is an academic crime that could be defined as facilitating someone who wants to commit educational corruption.



Fabrication is transferring of academic details without seeking approval from the original source of information.


Multiple submissions

Submitting a paper or thesis multiple times in different classes is also an example of academic falsification.



It is untruthfully presenting someone as yourself to appear either in an examination or college test and make things deceitful.

  • On the other hand, it breaches academic integrity. Additionally, any such practice of violating the academic law demoralizes folks who belong to the educational community.
  • In our view, academic integrity means developing your understanding and knowledge using proper references and crediting the contributors of the original ideas. Our experts will never promote academic dishonesty in any way, form, or shape because it violates the real concept of integrity. None of our academic experts is allowed to help students in impersonation, double-dealing, fabrication, and any immoral activity.
  • Our professionals never get involved in violation of educational policies, data maneuvering, deceitful activities, manipulation, plagiarism, and any similarly objectionable doings. As most of our writers are honorable members of the educational community, we take a strict stance against unfair or unethical practices that could endanger our repute. We always make sure to keep up with the latest professional standards.

Here’s What We Strictly Denounce


This document discusses our vision and mission

EssayDays is a place where you can find professional assistance in writing an excellent academic paper. The sole intent of our team of professionals is to promote and facilitate higher education, making it reachable to everyone. Our mission is to help you get rid of all educational inefficiencies that create hurdles even for smart students.

That’s the reason EssayDays never ever inspires trafficking of academic materials because it serves no legal cause whatsoever.

  • Finishing college and university tasks on behalf of someone else
  • Falsification of personal details with an intention to dodge
  • Illegal attempts to get answers for examinations, tests & MCQs
  • Writing health and medicine-related papers by an inappropriate person who doesn’t have a relevant degree or education
  • Misrepresentation of statistics and facts in financial reports
  • Maneuvering science journals, critical information, citations, figures, and established facts
  • Making bogus resumes by stating untrue details
  • Any type of project that gives rise to hate speech, religious intolerance, and aggressive religious or political literature

Note for Teachers and Parents

EssayDays appreciate the efforts of all parents and teachers who strive to promote higher education among students. As a team of academic experts, we feel honored to join you in this holy mission.

Our entire team is fully dedicated to assisting students through proper guidance and top-quality mentoring regardless of their color and creed. We know that personal guidance and modern didactic solutions are critical to higher education success in the future.

  • Let your students share their complex academic issues with us so that our experts can provide them with optimum tailor-made solutions.
  • Highlight the important advantages of seeking expert assistance from mentors who have years of experience in dealing with students of all levels.
  • It’s best not to forbid students from getting professional assistance from our experts because we do not support violating academic integrity. We always make sure to follow institutional policies whatsoever. You can communicate any grievances (if you have any), and we promise to get back to you as soon as humanly possible.
  • You will never prevent students from getting legal and unbiased help from EssayDays unless you see something that is not in line with academic integrity. We are also strictly against moral values and prevent our writers from getting involved in any condemnable act.
  • Being supportive parents, you should provide your beloved child with all your financial and moral support so that they can get expert assistance from our reliable platform. This will help them achieve academic goals in the long run.
  • Encourage your students to check our scholarly articles and pre-solved case study solutions to boost their writing skills.

Note for Students

We do not encourage or allow our customers to use our services for any unethical or illegal purposes that are inconsistent with academic integrity, state law, and institutional policy.

Our experts must not comply with any sort of illegal or unethical activity that could stain our company’s reputation or could be in conflict with the rule of law, academic integrity, and institutional rules.


Note for Experts

All we expect from our experts is the highest level of professionalism and ethical standards in return for lucrative compensation opportunities.

However, each member of our prestigious team should remember the below points:

  • No one from the EssayDays team will ever participate in any sort of activity that contradicts academic integrity.
  • No one from our experts will be engaged in any illegal activity pertaining to cheating, fabrication, and impersonation.
  • No one from our professionals will help a student studying in a school, college, and university who is susceptible to using our product as the original submission.
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