7 Must-Have Qualities of a Word Counter

In times like these, the word count has become a crucial parameter while writing an essay, research paper, journal, article, dissertation, and any other type of content. 

Keeping track of word count assists you in writing according to the specific metrics asked by your professor. How to write within a particular word count?

In this case, professionals use an online word counter to write within restricted limits. Accordingly, this tool binds them to stay within the word limit. 

Using a word counter ensures that the written text is accurate. Moreover, it also boosts your productivity and helps you reach the exact word count in a given period.  

Yes, it's correct!

A word counter tool is the simplest and quickest method to count the words in any written work. 

There are numerous online word counters available. How can you know which one is the best?

Panic not!

This guide has got you covered. You will learn about the must-have qualities of a good word counter. 

An online word counter tool instantly computes the total number of words in your text and lets you set the right tone by constructing the essay's structure based on the word limit.

It tells you how many words are in the content. You can use the word count online tool to plan out your written work before submitting it.

How to use word count online tool?

In order to benefit from a word counter, you do not need to read a lengthy guide on how to use it properly. Instead, it involves a simple procedure.

All you need to do is start typing your content in the text inbox. Also, you can copy-paste the text in the input area. 

It computes the total number of characters (with and without spaces), words, sentences, and even pages in the blink of an eye. 

Let's dive into the crucial features of an online word counter tool!

Qualities of a word counter 

Following are the must-have qualities of an online word counter:

1. Auto-save option

With this ultimate option, all your text will be automatically saved. So you do not need to worry about saving the document. All you need to do is turn on the "Auto-save" option.

Once you have written the essay, you can turn off the computer and have a cup of tea. Then, when you revisit the word counter, you will find the text in its original form. How cool it is!

2. Grammar checker

Even the most experienced writers commit writing mistakes. When you write down all the crucial ideas related to your topic, it is quite natural that you make writing mistakes.

Using this online word counter, you do not need to worry about writing flaws. With its grammar checker feature, you can remove all the typos, grammatical, and punctuation errors. 

In this way, this word count tool helps you make the paper flawless.

3. Clear text

Suppose you have just written the entire essay. Now, you want to write a new assignment. Instead of removing all the written content word-by-word, you can simply press the "Clear Text" button.

It erases your written text with a single tab.

4. Change case

With a single click, you can change the case of the selected text. 

5. Change font face

With a single click, you can change the font face of the written text to lay stress on the selected text.

6. Word density

If you are anxious to know the word density, this tool will never let you down. You can easily determine the keyword density. 

7. Absolutely free

One of the most significant features of using this online tool is that it does not charge a single penny. It is entirely free. 

Benefits of using an online word counter 

The following are the three main advantages of using a word counter.

• Helps you to stay within the right length

Keeping track of word count is important for multiple reasons. Neither you want your content to be too short nor too long!

In this circumstance, the word counter helps you reach the ultimate length.

This tool assists you in calculating the number of words in your work and indicating whether you need to add more or cut down what you already have.

• Keeps track of your paragraphs

It is important to get your paragraphs to the right length. If you are writing for a certain audience, you need to keep all of your material within a set paragraph limit. That is where a word counter comes in handy!

• Assists you in staying on the track

It is easy to stray from the subject when it comes to writing. 

A word counter helps you stay on track by alerting you when you have exceeded your word limit. 

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