Best Argumentative Essay Examples

Argumentative essays are given to be written during university life. Students of English literature, history, and political sciences are more likely to deal with such type of essay. This essay is all about the arguments on how one gives arguments in order to prove the point. The strength of your arguments will guarantee the success of your argumentative essay. The reason professors love giving this essay as the assignment is to get to know about the abilities of the students as far as giving arguments are concerned.  

In this article, we are going to explain what argumentative essay is and what are some of the controversial most topics. We will let you know how to pick a suitable topic for your essay to make it sound attractive. At the end of this article, you will be able to write one astonishing essay for you that can do the job for you.

What is an argumentative essay?

It can be defined as the form of an essay where you need to present your arguments about both sides of an issue. Not only will you be required to back your thesis statement as a result of your healthy arguments, but you need to cover both sides of a topic. This is the real beauty of this essay.

What are the most controversial topics?

This is the critical most part of this essay; the selection of a suitable topic for your essay. There are lots of controversial topics available, and they are controversial due to conflicting ethical principles. If you love going against the wind, a controversial topic can certainly do the job for you. You may need to go against the traditional values in order to make your essay more attractive. We have listed some of the topics that may do the job for such students who want to write an interesting and eye-catching essay. Everybody hates reading the usual and ordinary essay. In the world of usual people, be unusual. Here are some of the most controversial topics:


Family is not of the, but it is the critical most part of a society. As this is the fundamental unit of society, it can be a perfect choice for an argumentative essay. This topic does have lots f cultural, sociological, and psychological perspectives, which is why this topic is worth researching. In any argumentative essay, you need to work outside the box in order to impress your audience.  

The family does have lots of questions that need to be answered even till now. Questions like same-sex marriages, and the importance of parents are very critical points of this topic. There are traditional values involve with the topic along with liberal societies. 

To make things more convenient for our readers, we have picked some of the topics out of the family for argumentative essays. Here are the topics for your research:

  • Parents, who are homosexual should be allowed to adopt children or not?
  • Should parents be allowed to physically discipline their child?
  • What should be a suitable role for mothers? Should they stay at home or work to support their families?
  • Should children grow better in two-parent households?
  • A person who has convicted a sex crime should be allowed to meet his children or not?
  • Whether the children make a decision about the selection of a single parent?
  • What are the pros and cons of reading to children?
  • How are same-sex couples going to up bring their children?
  • Does corporal punishment have positive or negative long-term effects on the children?
  • Should children be allowed to watch television or not? If yes, for how many hours?
What is an argumentative essay
Argumentative Essay


Societies have great impacts on all the individuals who are living in them. Society does have strong effects on the personalities of individuals who are part of it. Our habits depend largely on the type of society we are living in. The selection of our friends and couples also depends on the society. You have to pick some of your best mates out of the society you are living in. The teachers, the business owners, and all other individuals are a crucial part of a society. In this regard, society matters the most as far as the life of an individual is concerned.  

The best thing about society is that with every passing day, there comes changes in it. We are living in a modern world, and these days our societies are going through some significant changes. This aspect of society makes this topic a great choice for argumentative essays. Would you like to have a look at some of the attractive topics for your argumentative essay as in terms of society? Here are some of these:

  • Should the society make abortion legal or illegal?
  • Should a person be allowed to commit suicide if he/she is suffering from severe circumstances?
  • Should business owners be allowed to discriminate clients on the basis of caste, color, race, or sex?
  • What decisions countries need to make in terms of illegal immigration?
  • What has to be the necessary role of the church in the betterment of society?
  • Is the death penalty right or wrong for specific criminals?
  • Should countries focus more on the implementation of safety nets?
  • What are the impacts society globalization have over society?
  • Should there be parameters to increase or decrease the tension in the workplace?


Law is one of the controversial most topics because it has a lot to do with society. A society cannot operate properly without having enough laws. Laws are basically the set of rules that are necessary prerequisites for any society. Law comes into play when there are complexities and complications in the society.  

There has been innovation in the last few years as far as the world laws are concerned, which makes this topic even more interesting. A society without any law available and applicable cannot be operated. There are chances of crime in a society that can only be controlled by authentic and suitable law. Would you like to know some of the interesting topics in terms of law? Here are some:

  • Whether a judge is allowed to make a decision on the basis of the wording of the law?
  • Should there be ruling in the society that can give benefit to the individuals?
  • If someone denies the franchise of criminals, should it be considered the violation of the fourteen amendment?
  • Whether NSA be allowed to gather metadata, or should it be considered as a violation?
  • Should prosecuting the child as an adult must be considered as a violation of the eighth amendment?
  • Whether congress be allowed to give birth-right citizenship, or should it be abolished?


Ethics are all about making the right decision. Moral values are a critical part of a society, and one needs to take care of all the ethics to make the environment healthy. Ethics comes into play when there is a conflict. The one who has the logical reasoning against a certain point can win the argument. One must keep in mind the moral principles in order to be an ethical individual of society.  

In order to learn about certain ethics, one has to go through particular circumstances. Typical scenarios can teach you a lot about ethics rather than learning them from textbooks. If you are looking for some topics for your argumentative essay, make sure to read the following:

  • Should there be ethical principles for the doctors? Whether a doctor can deny to treat a certain patient or not?
  • Should a college be allowed to have racial quotas against the minorities? If he/she is trying to enter a college, should he/she be allowed or not?
  • Using a gun in order to protect your house is ethical or unethical?
  • Should one consider the first amendment speech offensive or not? What ethics say on that?
  • Can someone tell a lie to someone when the truth is bitter? Or speaking the truth has to be the first priority no matter what the situation is?
  • Is it morally acceptable to hurt the feelings of others even when you are right in a particular scenario?
  • Should prostitution be considered a legal career?
  • Should the drugs be legalized or not?
  • What has to be the scope of hunting? Should it be considered ethical or not to hunt animals for the needs of humans?


History does have a huge role as far as the memories are concerned. It can be a perfect choice for writing your argumentative essay because of the characters you can have from the history. There are some remarkable personalities and events in history that can trigger the interest of your readers. The one who loves reading history must not repeat the mistakes which had been made by the historical characters. In order to learn about the evolution of mankind, there is no better subject than history to learn it efficiently.  

There are lots of important events like laws, capitalism, money, state institutions, constitution, separation of powers in a state. These are the historical events that can help you understand what history is all about and how mankind has grown even from the worst circumstances. As far as the argumentative essay is concerned, we have some of the topics you can use in order to write your essay. Some of these topics are given below:

  • What were the impacts of colonialism as far as the third world war is concerned? Were they useful or harmful?
  • Should Abraham Lincoln allow the southern states to leave the state peacefully or not?
  • Was it the right decision of the United States of America to expel the Native Americans from the regions which were inhibited by white settlers?
  • At the end of the second world war, was the Soviet Union had successfully justified occupying eastern Europe?
  • What were the possible reasons of the U.S -Mexican War? What were the impacts that war had on both the regions?
  • What were the genuine reasons of Indo-Pak war? What were the consequences both the nations had faced due to that war?
  • Whether the reconstruction of the American South following the American Civil War was an absolute failure or a success?
  • How did Prussia had managed to successfully unified Germany into a single nation?
  • What were the benefits obtained as a result of the invention of cotton?


It is another controversial topic that can do the job entirely for writers who are looking to write argumentative essays. Health does have a great scope as far as the selection of a topic is concerned. There are numerous medical conditions and approaches that can be very tricky and very interesting to study. For example, you can study some emerging and new causes for the onset of a disease or maybe the reason for so many deaths from a certain disease.  

In health, you can study the issues which had been faced by some of the healthcare systems over the last couple of years. Health matters the most as far as the success of a society is concerned. There are lots of myths involve as far as health is concerned. The main issue with health-related issues is false information and how to get rid of that information. Here are some of the topics you can use for your argumentative essay:

  • Whether all the healthcare systems should be free for all the individuals or not?
  • Should the prisoners have the same facilities as are available to those who are normal people and not prisoners?
  • Should animals be allowed to examined medically in order to look for a new discovery?
  • From where the credible health and medical-related information should be gathered?
  • Which healthcare system is more preferable? The private one, or the public one?
  • What has to be the strategy to deal with issues like aging?
  • Should the people who have sexually transmitted diseases be allowed to sit in the society? Or they should be forcefully quarantined?
  • Should the drug and alcohol addiction be considered as a disease or not?
  • What will be the negative impacts technologies will leave on the current generation of the world?
  • If a military doctor is found in medical malpractice, should the military service members be sued or not?


Education is the critical most part of our society. Without education, a society cannot be flourished. The future of any nation depends greatly on the level and quality of education of that nation. Not only the intellectual development, but education can teach you how to grow perfectly as far as the physical development is concerned. In order to have any skill that can help you become a better person, you need to take the help of education to learn an art or a skill. Education can be a perfect pick for writing an argumentative essay because it can be a kind of topic you can post a lot of arguments about. We have some of the topics related to education for your argumentative essay. Would you like to have a look at some of them? Here are few:

  • What has to the difference in education according to the need of children? Like if someone is special and needs attention, how to educate him/her?
  • Is the grade system the right parameter to judge the skills of our students? Do we need to rethink this system, or is it fair enough?
  • Do you agree that the normal core will get most of the advantages to the American education system?
  • Who should be responsible for the establishment of the curriculum? The local authorities or the state?
  • Which system of education is more reliable for the growth of students; student-centered or teacher-centered?
  • Do schools need to focus more on the athletics, or is it fair to focus mainly on the academic patterns?
  • What are the pros and cons of classical education? Does it have more advantages or disadvantages?
  • If we compare learning methodologies of the 19th century to the 20th century, who has the upper hand?
  • Should there be a friendly relationship between teachers and students? Or it has to be strict enough to keep boundaries?
  • Should parents facilitate learning in the classroom? If yes, how?
Best Argumentative Essay Examples
Argumentative Essay

Foreign policy  

This is one of the most important topics, especially for those who love studying international affairs. As far as the foreign policies are concerned, you can select the conflicts of nations, commercial wars, alliances of military, commercial treaties, weapon commerce, peace-keeping operations, traditional and possible ties between countries, and many more.

By reading the foreign policy of any country, you can get to know the kind of political system of that country. Moreover, you can come to know about the social issues, their values, their history, and etc. For your assistance, we have listed some of the topics, which can be used for writing an argumentative essay. Read the following topics. There may be one for you.

  • What should be the decision of the USA regarding the engagement in rapprochement with Russia?
  • In your opinion, is the European union beneficial to Europe? If yes, how?
  • What’s your take on the policy of EU and NATO to expands themselves in Eastern Europe?
  • Did Great Britain make the right decision to leave the EU?
  • Should the USA be responsible for the security of various countries like Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan against the likes of China, Russia, and North Korea?
  • What has to be the status of North Korea and South Korea? Should they be one country, or is it better to keep themselves separated?
  • What are the consequences of terrorism on all the countries that have suffered most of it?


The fate of any country or nation depends on the economy of that nation or country. Economics can be considered as the engine for the prosperity of any country. Better the economy of a country, better will be the education, medicine, military, and all such things. A country or a nation without a stable economy cannot stand in the world.  

This can be a great pick for any argumentative essay because of the level of interest it has. There are so many interesting topics like socialism, capitalism, communism, and etc. These are the systems which were used in the past in most of the countries. Even if you pick a single of those three, you can write one amazing argumentative essay that will eventually have what it takes to get constant readers. For your help, we are here with various other topics. If you want to write your essay on economics, here are some topics for you:

  • What should be the system in the well-developed countries? Should it be socialism or anything else?
  • What are the pros and cons of both capitalism and socialism? Which one has the upper hand, and what are the possible reasons?
  • Communism failed poorly in the Soviet Union. What were the reasons?
  • Should we consider buying shares investment, or should it be speculation?
  • What are the advantages as well as the disadvantages of export on the economy of the country?
  • Is it acceptable to live in a customs union, or is it dangerous? State your reasons
  • Which one has the upper hand as far as the betterment of a country’s economy is concerned; protectionist or free-trade policies?
  • What has to be the strategies of third world countries in order to improve their economy? What are the measures to be taken immediately?

Military science

Do you know what is most critical for any country to survive? It’s undoubtedly the defense system of the country. If you are not ready to feed your own army, you better be prepared to feed the army of your enemy. Nowadays, there is very little chance of wars because most of the countries have weapons that can destroy the opponent in seconds.  

These days, wars can be more destructive than ever because of the increase in technology. Military science is something everyone should be concerned about. Here are some of the topic on which you can write your argumentative essay:

  • What has to be the best way to win a war? Should it be strategic bombing, or the use of ground army?
  • Is it time to replace the army with intelligence and machines? Or is it too risky for human beings?
  • What has to be the status of chemical and biological wars? Should they be sued as lethal weapons?
  • What are the reasons for the defeat of Germany in the second world war despite having the best army in the world?
  • Should there be negotiation before the war, or the opponent can get the right opportunity to attack a nation?


Do you like watching sports? If yes, half of the job is done. A sports-lover can write a mesmerizing argumentative essay at will. At first, you need to pick a particular game to start writing your essay. Once the game has been picked, all you need is the thesis statement to get the ball rolling.

When you are writing an argumentative essay on sports, make sure to pick your position. Gather as many arguments as you can to prove your point. Not only will you need some relevant points, but you need to have some sounds evidences and proofs to make sure the audience believes in you. Moreover, this can be a controversial topic that you need to add to the heat in your essay. Read the topics here:

  • Should the colleges and schools allow sports activities to happen? Or should the focus be on the academic career of the students?
  • What is your take on the role of cheerleaders in sports? Are they facing too many problems these days?
  • Are colleges spending a lot of money on sports, or is there a need to spend more?
  • Should the animal sports be banned or allowed to happen?
  • During any sports, there are lots of ads on television. Whether there is a need to review the content of the ads keeping in mind the age of teenagers who watch?
  • How to stop spot-fixing and betting from the sports? Is betting spoiling the real taste of the sports?
  • Should there be a difference in the salaries of male and female sportsperson?
  • How to encourage more youngsters to play chess in order to improve their intellectual abilities?
  • Is it too hot to handle the football of Americans for the players?
  • Should there be a balance in the salaries of all the sports persons? Or should a sport be preferred over others according to the level of difficulty and popularity?

Argumentative essay topics for a 6th-grade student

The most time-consuming and hectic thing to do is to pick a topic for a 6th grade student who can write it flawlessly. Teachers need to be watchful when they assign a topic to a child. Should children be allowed to pick a topic of their choice, or should it be the responsibility of the teachers to assign one according to their intellectual abilities? We have gathered so many topics for a 6th-grade child. Here are a few of them:

  • Should all the children have the facility to get educating irrespective of their economic status? Should education be free or not?
  • What are the reasons the children are becoming more obese these days?
  • What is the status of current educational grading system; is it fair or unfair?
  • State some of the cons of a nutritional diet?
  • Should there be a timetable for sleep? Are irregular sleeping patterns a reason for irritated child?
  • Should parents refrain children from playing dangerous and risky games?
  • The video games which are violent in nature, should they be banned or not?
  • What are the pros and cons of using a mobile phone at an early age on the children?
  • Should parents allow children to do whatever they want to do after their puberty?


We are living in a modern world, and there is no way we can imagine our lives without any technology for a single day. It is right that the technology has improved our living standard, but have we seen the negative sides of technologies yet? Technology has taken the place of human beings, and it is not a positive sight for the world. Would you like to know more about the topics related to technologies? Read the following topics:

  • Are we becoming zombies due to the presence of technologies these days?
  • Are we feeling lonely because of technology? Or is it a myth?
  • Online dating has increased a lot in the recent past; what are the possible impacts of this?
  • Have we reached the point where a further increase in the technology will make us disappointed in the future? What if we start cursing ourselves?
  • We are spending a huge amount of money on exploring space. Is it worth it to spend millions of dollars?
  • What are the effects and impacts of technologies on education and students?
  • Are we becoming smarter or dumber due to technology?
  • Should there a need for technological instruments that can deal with issues like fear and anxiety?
  • Should we ban cloning, or should we allow it to happen in our world?

Social media

We are surrounded by so many social media platforms that these platforms have become an integral part of our lives. Do you know what the sad part is? We don’t even know this. These days, meme trends are spreading too fast. Teenagers are the ones who are addicted to social media platforms. Here are some of the topics related to social media for teenagers:

  • Should the children be allowed to have their own social media platforms? If yes, what is the appropriate age?
  • What is becoming more popular these days? Social media or personal relationships?
  • It is okay to have pranks on social media, but should the pranks be allowed? If yes, should there be some boundaries for pranksters?
  • Does social media have the power to change someone’s opinion about anything?
  • Should there be a law regarding the control and monitoring of social media platforms?
  • How to make sure the content reach to our children is ethical?
  • What is the need of the hour for such individuals who use abusive language on social media?
  • Are the international trends are changing our habits and making an impact on our lives or not?

Funny argument topics

You must have heard of writing an essay is one of the hardest jobs in the world, but what if we make it attractive for you? Sounds cool? If you are someone who loves having fun, you can choose a funny topic according to your taste. By selecting a funny topic, you can hook lots of people, and you can spice the atmosphere up with the help of your funky arguments. Are you familiar with some of the funny argument topics? If no, here are some for you:

  • Why are funny cat videos liked by almost all the people?
  • What are the possible reasons people prefer watching funny prank videos over the other ones?
  • How will this world look if we rule out all the dogs from it?
  • Why are the clowns mostly frightening?
  • Is it good or bad to pretend you are working, but you are not?
  • Why teenagers have the worst pays for the worst jobs?
  • List some of the reasons to love, as well as to hate your last name
  • Do you want to go on a date? Better know-how to get rejected
  • Is it worth it to annoy your parents? Can you make them happy by making fun?
  • How does it feel to get away even after telling a lie?

These are lots of topics you can use for your argumentative essay. Keep the instructions of your institute in mind while choosing one topic for your essay. We have listed almost all the possible topics for your help, so you don’t have to search them one by one. Did you like a particular topic? Why are you wasting your time? Let’s get the ball rolling!

What are good topics for college essays?

This is a question asked by millions of students, but do we know the answer? It is a tricky question, and it can be very troublesome to find a topic that can hook to your readers. Some of the good topics can be the problems faced by students in their educational life, some inspiring personalities, challenges facing by our current generation, and etc. these are not only appropriate topics for argumentative essays, but these can get the job done for argumentative speeches as well!

Make sure to choose these kinds of topics that are easy to understand and easy to cover as a writer too.

What are good topics for college essays?
Argumentative Essay

What are the principles of formatting an academic paper?

As far as the formatting of a research paper or an academic paper is concerned, there are lots of formats that can be used, such as APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, etc. On the basis of your requirements and guidelines, you will be asked to use a particular format. The formatting of an academic paper is also based on the kind of in-text citation you need in your paper. Lots of other things you need to take care of, such as page header, page footer, and the style of references.

As far as MLA format is concerned, you are supposed to use the first name of your author in the bibliographic section of your academic paper. Moreover, you can use the author-page number style for doing your in-text citation. MLA format is best suited for humanitarian subjects. This style of reference is also used when you need to take care of more than one author.

APA format is entirely different from the MLA format. In this format, you have to use the author-year format to do in-text citations. In this format, it is mandatory to mention the year of research in your in-text citation. This format is used majorly for scientific publications. You have to use the first name of the author in your bibliographic section, no matter how many authors a paper has. Usually, the papers that are short need APA format, which is why it is not a healthy approach to use page numbers. These sorts of papers are published in online documents where you don’t need explicit numbering.

This is a modern world, and you can find as many templates as you want for the formatting of your academic paper. There are basic things that are very critical when we have to deal with the formatting of a research paper, and these are; margins, line spacing, headers, footers, first level as well as second-level headings. Occasionally it is paramount to take care of footnotes, endnotes, and title pages.

How to prepare an argumentative essay?  

You need to take care of some certain steps in order to write a fantastic essay for your academic or personal career.

  • Research your argumentative essay ideas
  • Brainstorm
  • Outline
  • Structure
  • Writing
  • Proofread
  • Research

Let’s study all these steps in detail to make sure you prepare an amazing argumentative essay.

Conduct your research

No matter which topic you select for your argumentative essay, you need to conduct a reasonable research. With the help of research, you will be able to get to know about all the nitty-gritty of a topic. When you choose a topic, you may don’t know much about your topic. But after research, you will cover your essay in the best possible way.

You need to find at least five genuine sources to back your point. Make sure to consult books and read journals in order to write something in your essay. The more you do the research; the more will be the chances that you can cover your topic in an effective manner. You are only supposed to add certain pieces of information in your essay to make it more appealing.


After the selection of your topic, make sure to brainstorm properly. Once the topic has been finalized, pre-write things that can make your essay a success story. Get a pen and paper, start gathering your points for your essay. If you manage to make a list of specific points, that list will help you a lot in your future. Make sure to read and re-read that list entirely and eliminate the unnecessary ideas from your list.

After brainstorming, you will have the list that can make you write your essay. It is paramount to have a proper structure of an essay and especially in case of an argumentative essay. You can even make an outline for your essay if you brainstorm properly.

Make an outline

Making an outline is as necessary as writing an essay. The essay will be based on your outline. With the help of an outline, you will be able to decide where to add certain data in your essay. You can draw a line as far as your essay is concerned with the help of your outline that can guarantee the success of your essay. The best way to make an outline is to write your thesis statement first. After writing your thesis statement, decide what the section you need to add in your essay to make it look more compact are.

Your outline can tell you what to add in your introduction section, and what to add in your body paragraphs. An essay without any outline looks to be in a humdrum manner, and nobody likes reading this sort of essay. As far as the conclusion section is concerned, make sure to use a statement or argument that can make your essay sound more authentic and reliable. As soon as your outline is ready, all you have to add is put data in your sections. Easy, right? What are you waiting for? Make an outline right now for your argumentative essay.

Write your essay

It is legitimate to follow the instructions and structure in order to make your essay tempting. Whether you need to write on a social topic or political topic, following the structure is as compulsory as anything else. Make sure to try something different every now and then. Following bored format is not a healthy approach to apply in your argumentative essay. Even if your topic is not good enough, you can make it look impressive with the help of your essay structure.

Don’t rush at all. Take your sweet time, and don’t try to work on your essay on the same day. You will be given a reasonable time to write your essay from your professor and institute. If you need to complete your essay in a single day (which is nearly impossible), make sure to work according to your outline. You can break your essay into certain sections to work according to your timeframe.

Edit & Proofread

If you think writing your essay will get the job done for you, that’s not the case. Once you are done writing your essay, you need to read it carefully in order to get rid of any grammatical mistakes or spelling errors. It is mandatory to check your essay (final version) for logical fallacies.

An essay having grammatical mistakes and spelling errors doesn’t get much appreciation at all. These sorts of issues will leave a negative impression on your target audience, and these problems can decrease the credibility of your essay. If you know a professional who is an expert at proofreading and editing, make sure to get assistance from him/her. Your final version of the essay has to be free of all the issues in order to be more captivating.

In short, we can say that writing an argumentative is not a straightforward task, but it can be written in a classy manner with care and understanding the useful techniques. What you need to do is find the genuine sources that can address your topic, make sure to write bibliographic details to get your sources later, do your research in order to find supporting evidences and statements for your thesis statement, gathering counterarguments is another healthy technique to impress your audience—brainstorming is necessary to make your essay a big thing. Make sure to create an outline for your essay, so the outline can serve as a roadmap for your essay. At the end of your essay, don’t forget to proofread and edit to increase the quality of your argumentative essay.

prepare an argumentative essay
Argumentative Essay

Best structure for argumentative essay

For any type of essay, structure matters the most. An essay having a proper structure can keep your essay on track. Before start writing your essay, pay great attention to the structure to make it look more impressive. Would you like to know about the structure of an argumentative essay? Here is a basic structure:


You must have heard that the first impression is the last impression. This is a busy world, and everybody loves getting information about an essay by reading an introduction to an essay. The readers try to know what the essay is all about on the basis of the introduction section. if you manage to hook your audience with the help of your introduction, the readers will read your entire essay. Writing the introduction section has to be very smooth and creative. If you think asking a question can do the job, or writing a quote can make your readers attentive, go for that. Your thesis statement has to be there in your introduction chapter.

Make sure to write your thesis statement as innovatively as possible. The opening sentence or the opening paragraph has a lot to do as far as the impression of your essay is concerned. In your introduction chapter, you are supposed to back your thesis statement with some supporting lines to increase the interest of your readers. Only particular and necessary pieces of information have to be there in your introduction. It is not a lengthy paragraph of your essay, so the word counts also come into play. Some of the institutes set limits for the number of words to be included in the introduction chapter. If you have guidelines on this from your professor, you will be obliged to follow them.

Body paragraphs

This is the lengthiest most chapter of your essay, and you need to provide all of your evidences here. You can make as many paragraphs as you want unless you feel you have done justice to your topic. One thing that needs to be remembered; you can present one idea in a single paragraph. If you try to cover more than one idea in your paragraph, it won’t entice your readers. The ideas you have presented in your introduction must not be there in your body paragraphs. Try to be as Avant-grade as possible in terms of writing the body paragraphs for your essay. These paragraphs will have to revolve around your thesis statement. At the end of your body paragraphs, you must be able to give a reasonable amount of pieces of evidence to support your thesis statement.

To let your audience know which side you are on, your body paragraphs will play a very decisive role. With the body paragraphs to back your thesis statement, so write it according to your thesis statement. Don’t add irrelevant information and try to be as simple as possible with your essay language, so even a school going child can understand what you are up to. If you think you can add tough terminologies to impress your readers, it is not going to happen. Either your essay will become a success story or a failure depends on the kind of language you use for it. Simple and elegant language can increase the beauty of any essay at will.


Refuting the arguments of your opponent is considered a very ethical approach as far as an argumentative essay is concerned. If you have some statistics to back your thesis, make sure to add those statistics in your essay. If the stats are there, you can make your point clear against the odds. Moreover, doing this will improve your demonstration ability. Make sure to stick to your opinion once you have chosen the side as far as a topic is concerned.


Ending your essay on a high is as compulsory as starting from a high note. Your concluding remarks should be convincing enough to make your readers believe you are on the right side. Even if you think writing your conclusion out of the box will increase the validity of your essay, don’t afraid to do that. A strong conclusion can make your essay effective, and your readers will believe that you have presented the genuine supporting evidences. Your readers must be able to get something out of your essay.

One mistake students make they mix introduction and conclusion. Make one thing clear, the data you have added in your introduction musty not be there in your conclusion. The pieces of information you have written in your essay before must not be there in your concluding remarks. On the basis of your conclusion, make sure to strengthen your thesis statement. Don’t relax until you have written a fantastic conclusion for your essay.

This is all about the structure of an essay. All the sections or the chapters are as crucial as anything else. Don’t take any chapter for granted to make sure you impress your audience with the help of contemporary paragraphs. After reading this structure, you will be able to structure your essay entirely.

What are the five best paragraphs of an argumentative essay?

A striking argumentative essay should have five paragraphs. There must be a paragraph having the thesis statement, two paragraphs having supporting arguments and evidences, a paragraph for a counterargument. At last, make sure to add a paragraph having a conclusion.

Useful tips for writing an argumentative essay

Do you know some useful ways of writing your essay? Have you heard of some tips? We have some tips for you which you can sue in order to improve your essay. Here are some of the tips you can apply in your essay:

It should be interesting

You can read as many essays online as possible, but the essay having interesting information will trigger the interest of readers. In order to make your essay interesting, you need to conduct research about the topic you want to work on. Make sure to gather as many opinions as possible on your topic, and then decide what to add and what not to add in your essay. The selection of a topic is also very important to make your essay engrossing. You better know your audience to select a suitable topic for your essay.

If you are not satisfied with the topic personally, no matter how cool the topic can be, you won’t be able to write effectively on the topic. If the selection of the topic is in your hands, make sure to pick the best of the lot. More engaging the topic, better will be your write-up style. A reasonable amount of knowledge is required to even think about writing an essay. Make your essay as spellbinding for your audience as possible.

Avoid the use of entire facts

An argumentative essay must be controversial in nature to tick all the boxes of a perfect argumentative essay. It is right to depend on the facts and figures, but the purpose of writing this sort of essay is to give your opinion in the best possible way. If you are a school or college student, you can rely on facts to prove your point. But don’t forget to discuss the essential details.

You may be required to spend some time gathering the appropriate ideas for your essay. Once you spend time, you will have lots of ideas from where you can pick one of your interests. Brainstorming is another thing you need to do to write your essay. With the help of brainstorming, you will come up with original and real evidences to support your thesis.

Don’t pick a topic that is too wild

It is okay to go for controversial topics (as it is the need of argumentative essay), but don’t choose a topic that is too hot or too wild to handle. Make sure to pick a topic that is controversial and specific at the same time. You won’t be able to cover all the nitty-gritty of a wild topic at will. More specific your topic is, better the quality of your argumentative essay will be. There is a possibility that the wild topic will confuse your readers or may hit someone due to numerous reasons.

Don’t be biased

You can use as many resourceful topics as you want, but you should pick the one you can do justice with. Having strong feelings about a certain topic doesn’t mean you have to select it for your essay. A topic neither too sensitive nor too personal can do the job for your argumentative essay. The basic purpose of writing this form of essay is to give your audience a persuasive piece of writing.

Once you have managed to pick the right subject, you will have fitting arguments and evidences to prove your point. You need to do justice to your assigned topic. If you think you can become biased as far as a topic is concerned, don’t choose that. Originality is the key to success in this form of writing.

Provide applicable evidences

Choosing aside doesn’t mean you are on the right side. You need to come up with some logical evidences to make your readers believe you are on the right track. In order to prove your point of view, only the proofs and evidences can help. Make sure to spend time on getting those kinds of evidences to back your point that can hit the minds of your readers. You must know your audience before selecting the evidences for your argumentative essay. Once you have managed to write significant evidences, the readers will give respect to your opinion keeping in mind how great you have worked on the essay.  

Don’t be afraid of taking risks

The kin of the essay you are up to, you should know how to work unorthodoxly. For example, if you think a certain topic can make you write one fabulous argumentative essay, but at the same time you are afraid of taking the risk, you may not be able to make a mark on your readers. Take calculated risk and execute it according to the situation.

Don’t pick a boring or common sort of a topic for your essay. The readers will decide whether they read an essay or not just on the basis of the topic. Choose a unique topic having controversial aspects to trigger your reader’s interest. This is how you are going to be a successful argumentative essay writer.

Follow Essaydays guide to get higher grades

Here in this guide, we have explained what argumentative essay is, what has to be the structure of this essay, the useful tips on writing this essay, and some controversial topics you can use for your essay. Just give this guide a read, and you will be able to secure your grade. If you are in the middle of your essay and you are confused as far as the structure is concerned, you can our structure section to seek guidance from. If you are looking for useful tips, we have given in the upper section. We have played our part, are you ready to play yours?

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