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Please read all the content on this page very carefully as it might affect your perception of using the website EssayDays.com!

By linking or landing on any page of the website EssayDays.com, you agree to accept all the terms & conditions mentioned in this section of the site and the ones stated in the privacy policy. All the conditions to put our website to use are in black and white on this page, and you are bound to follow all the terms once you visit the site. These terms & conditions are implemented as soon as you open any link of our website, which includes new or returning users, link referrers, visitors, or who make use of our link in any possible way. In case you don’t wish to follow the terms & conditions of the website, then you are not allowed to use the links of EssayDays.com in any way.

On this entire page, wherever you find terms like Your, You, Client will entirely refer to the person entering our website. All these expressions are for the people who have agreed to our terms & conditions and all other policies mentioned in different sections of the site that are necessary to follow.


When you have accessed the website and are going to enter data for sign-up! It is crucial to provide correct information about you, all the fake data will be rejected, and it might result in further penalties. You will not be able and allowed to alter the data once you have logged in or placed an order on our website. If you don’t fall in the eligibility criterion, then you are not authorized to use our services by any means, we follow a strict regulation to maintain the quality of our services.

- Age Requirement

You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age if you want to place an order on the website EssayDays.com; if you are ineligible to get bound by the legal affairs, then you are not permitted to place an order.

- Authentic Data

The information you enter on our website must contain factual and correct content. If you add data that is not valid and if our authentication procedure fails to confirm, your account will be terminated, and you won’t be able to use the services of our website. In such cases, no notification will be sent to the user, and the profile will be deleted from our servers.

- Account Utilization

All the data that we provide must only be used for personal and educational use; you are not allowed to distribute the information or utilize our services for the purpose of business. All the data is for informative and non-trade motives only. If you are not allowed to use services like the ones we offer or are not permitted to use our website by any law firm, we will inform the legal firms we are connected with. Moreover, you cannot create multiple accounts, and if we find out about such a happening, then you will face penalties based on the severity of the situation.

Placing An Order

This is the section of the website where you will include information that is accurate and related to the subject. Entering information that is not connected to the issue or contains misleading or incorrect content about the topic can result in the cancellation of the order. If you wish to remove any segment from the provided data, you can contact our support team and let them know about the situation instantly. In case the information you provide contains grammatical, spelling, or syntax errors, we will not fix them unless you have placed an order for such a purpose. If you want to add extra data to the order, then it may result in additional costs depending on the amount of content to be implemented.

In case:

So, before adding information in the order section, it is vital to make a list of requirements, because no extra data will be added after you have placed an order. If you wish to add more data in the order after the placement, then it will be taken as a new order, and an additional fee will be charged depending on the quantity of data.


In the payment section, it is essential to upload the specified amount because, without it, your order will not be processed and will be canceled right away. You will not be able to use the site EssayDays.com as we don’t offer any service for free. Read the points given below carefully before placing an order:

We can at anytime change the prices of our services, and you will be notified in case there are some significant modifications in the terms & conditions or privacy policy section. All the present users of the site will receive the notification through e-mail, whereas the new users will read these sections to clear their uncertainties.

Loyalty Program

It is a program where every user will earn cash back whenever an order is placed. Moreover, you will be able to put that money to use in the new order. You will also receive 5$ when you sign-up and will be useable on the next order; also, the amount you earn can be stored for later use, and you can use twenty-five percent of that money in the order. The other seventy-five percent will remain a part of your account and will be available for use the next time you place an order. The money you earn through this not refundable, and you can only use it to reduce the total amount of your order. In case you don’t use the money at all, it will always remain in your account, and there is no expiry limit.


If you find errors in the delivered final version of the paper, you can submit it for a free review. A new or returning user will all be given three free revisions after the completion of order, which the client can use in a time limit of thirty days. After that, the request for reconsideration will be treated as a new order. You can submit the paper for review in case the assignment contains plagiarism, or the writer failed to follow your precise instructions.


It is imperative to provide us with correct information; otherwise, your account can get eliminated. We may ask you to add proof along with your identity; for evidence, we can require you to upload documents through which we can validate your status. Moreover, in case we have to, we will take legal actions to learn more about your background, this mostly happens in situations when our system detects a user supplying invalid data. When adding information on the website EssayDays.com, you have agreed to follow all the terms & conditions of the site, and we utilize any means possible to find information about you for verification.


In case the verification process is terminated, meaning if you didn’t provide us with enough valid data, then we will cease your order right away. Also, the phone number you enter must be working because our support team may contact you to provide extra details about the request. If you don’t wish to agree with all the procedures mentioned in our verification section of this page, then you are not permitted to use the facilities we provide.

Limitations of liability

EssayDays.com will not be responsible for the outcomes of circumstances, where you fail to learn the data delivered in the final paper, the effect on your final grade, or choose to submit the document to your professor in the same manner as we gave. It is imperative to learn the contents of the delivered paper before putting it to use. All the material that we provide you with must only be used for educational purposes and not for submission motive.


All the data delivered by EssayDays.com will remain a part of our copyrights and will always be our intellectual property by all applicable international laws. All these papers are produced for personal use and not for commercial purposes; therefore, the information contained in the files must not be shared with the third person. You are not allowed to sell the information in the market or give it to anyone else without our written authentication.


We post the reviews of our customers on our website EssayDays.com. These testimonials are comprised of the client’s first name/initials. Also, you allow us to put that information to use only for feedback purposes. The data we use in this section of the site is limited to your first name, and in case you are not comfortable with it, you can submit an application to our support team to erase the feedback from the testimonials page. Moreover, this act will not affect your privacy, and all your data/secrecy will remain in the same manner. Announcement of Changes In “Terms & Conditions”

EssayDays.com has the authority to modify any area of the terms & conditions and any other page of this website, whenever and however we want. If you are a regular user of our services, then you will receive an e-mail about the changes we have made in various sections of the website. It is essential always to have access to the given e-mail address to keep yourself updated and to avoid any misunderstandings. Also, the notification about changes in different sections will be published on the pages of the EssayDays.com

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